Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review of Nora Roberts trilogy " Dark Witch" and " Shadow Spell" Part 1

The trilogy of the Cousins O'Dwyer takes place in Ireland both in the present and centuries ago. As two worlds collide between the descendents of the Dark Witch of Mayo County and the evil,power hungry sorcecer, Cabhan. A new generation of Dark Witch descendents emerge: two from Ireland in a small village not far from Mayo and one cousin from America in search of a fresh start. Branna and Connor O'Dwyer welcome their American born cousin, Iona with open arms. Not long after Iona's arrival does the power of three, Cabhan has started to watch then and those close to them. Fin, Boyle, and Meara are soon entangled in the adventures of the O'Dwyers and Iona. Powers and secrets unravel as we find not only the descendents of the Dark Witch who used her power to heal,but the descendent of Cabhan. Nora Roberts fully immerses you into this world and I cannot put the book down at times. From the descriptions of the land, the Castle where the tourists and Iona stayed in book 1. We meet cousin Connor,who gives tourist guides with falcons through the woods. The stables where his friends Fin and Boyle are partners in running the horseback guides through the woods with Meara as their lead and some others, who work at the stables,but have no real parts. They offer both horseback lessons and guided tours on horseback which sometimes they combine with falcon walk. I was fascinated at the level of detail of the falconary business. It was my first in depth book of horses and falcons.I really learned the terminology of both activities. The only thing I do not see as strong as in other fictional books, I have read are the accents. I do not sense the strong Irish accents as I have. In the series, Bells of Lowells, by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller. I could read the strong accents, but it was told in a different time period, so I am wondering if that is why. All in all, I am definitely adding this trilogy to my library at home. I plan to read it again and again. Starting with Dark Witch, Shadow Spell,and Blood Magick, this trilogy delivers drama, sci fi, and romance. The third book, Blood Magick comes out this October 28, 2014. So I have a little bit of waiting unless I want to pre-order it.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why do I Eat?

Such a stupid question, but it got me thinking and you reading. We eat for several reasons since we are no longer hunter-gathers moving along with our game and seasonal foods. We have grocery stores who get their foods from far away places like Ecuador or Mexico. Here is one source of my Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson. We eat now for comfort aka "comfort foods" when we are emotional, as rewards for doing our job, and when we are bored in front of the TV. I am guilty of eating in front of the TV. I like to eat new healthy foods by themselves. Do get grossed out. I eat grape tomatoes by themselves like some people eat chips. I like goji berries dried. I eat the sushi seaweed wrap by itself. I will cut grapefruit and eat it all by itself. Why do I eat? I eat to nourish my body with phytonutrients that help me. Reading this book so far, I have realized you could be eating these foods but not getting the nutritional benefits. Don't boil unless you are making a soup. Most food that you want to cook should be steamed,but don't take my word for it. Read on .....go to Amazon.com and check this book out. But first, you should think about why you eat? Are you sick all the time? What effect does food really have on the body? Why would you change your foods and how you eat?

Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinso

I am reading this book and it is about what vegetables are the best for you. How to store food, how to pick the vegetables with the most phytonutrients verse the ones in the store with little nutrition, and what each one gives you. It is very informative and life changing if you want to eat and get all the health benefits of that food. Or else you could be eating with very little nutrition. I agree with the author, we have lost the quality of our food and food is more like a comforting sport than eating to survive now. Food and humans have changed since the hunter gatherer times and not for the best when it comes to our health. Eating is a sport to some people. We eat in front of the TV, we eat when we are bored, upset, and that is not usually good.

Semi Healthy Caesar Salad

1 box of penne pasta (the unhealthy part of salad _processed food 2 diced green or red bell pepper 1/2 red onion (dark onions are good for you) 1/2 cup or to your liking Daiya Dairy, Soy & Gluten Free Mozzarella style shreds ( I got this at Fresh and Easy $3.99 for 8oz.) 1/2 bottle or to your liking Caesar Salad dressing 1 -2 cups of chopped red lettuce 1-2 cups grape tomatoes sliced in half Mix ingredients and add salad dressing. Very simple. Serves about 4 or 2 depending on how much salad you like. If you take out the pasta salad, then you remove the most unhealthy ingredient.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The inside of my refrigerator I try to eat as healthy as possible. You will find that it is stuffed with greens from my CSA, coconut water from Costco, Chia seeds in the door,beans in the tupperware,nonfat yogurt by the eggs that are feed organically. Not corn fed. Organic milk, salsa, low sodium soy sauce, and a large jar of Dr. Ben Kim's Green solution we put into our smoothies. Right now, I am all smoothie out. I am eating raw salads, stir fry, and butter that we seldom use. It's probably the least healthy thing in our refrigerator. A year ago, you would have seen less greens, no Chia seeds, Dr. Ben Kim's Greens, and non fat yogurt. I had no idea how dairy was made with butterfat. No idea how I was not giving my body a chance to clean out the fat. Now, I eat more veggies. Hardly any meat. It's great.