Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tuberculosis: A Historical Lung disease or not?

Tuberculosis is considered a historical disease that was once an epidemic in Europe and United States during the 18th and 19th centuries. It has been detected as early as 7000 BC according to It was thought to be a heredity disease,but German microbiologist Robert Koch discovered the microbial causes of tuberculosis in 1882. I have never liked taking pills produced in a lab, but this disease was a contagious disease once known as the "white plague". Doctors early on had little to work with and without any vaccines or effective drub treatment until the 1940s,many people died of this disease affecting the lungs and sometimes other organs.TB would have continued to spread and wipe out populations worldwide if it had not been for modern medicine. In the article, What is Tuberculosis? What causes Tuberculosis?.Last updated June 17, 2015 [Retrieved from] that "TB is an infectious disease that usually affects the lungs. It is the second greatest killer due to a single infectious agent worldwide, and in 2012, 1.3 million people died from the disease, with 8.6 million falling ill."
In 2012, worldwide 1.3 million people died and another 8.6 million falling ill to it. It is the "Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacterium causes TB. It is spread through the air from person to person, when people with TB affecting the lungs cough,sneeze,spit,laugh or talk." A person with active TB who has had treatment received appropriately for at least two weeks are no longer contagious. The disease now affect mostly developing nations and is present today in 22 countries. But what does this lung disease do to the body? Symptoms of tuberculosis are coughing with or without blood or mucus,fever,night sweats,loss of appetite, chills,fatigue,and loss of weight. TB affects the bones leading to spinal pain and destruction of joints. It can cause meningitis affecting the brain. TB spreads through the bloodstream. In the liver and kidneys it can hinder the waste filtration functions and cause blood in the urine. The heart's ability to pump blood can be fatal this is known as cardiac tamponade. Basically, the bacteria breaks down the body. This is a long term disease. Here are some sites that offer natural remedies,but my purpose here is to present what TB is. We tend to forget about our medical history assuming most diseases have always been curable. Early history reminds us that we can still be susceptible to disease of any kinds,especially when traveling to developing countries or if we aren't eating right,exercising,and our immune system is comprised or weak. Natural sites : Treatment on the CDC( Center for Disease control has medication recommended for 6-9 months. According to the CDC, of the "approved drugs, the first-line anti-TB agents that form the core of treatment regimens" include: isoniazid (INH), rifampin (RIF), ethambutol (EMB),and pyrazinamide (PZA). Sources for this article are :

Sunday, July 12, 2015

In the Images of America : Banning book, I have learned a few things about its people, how it became a city, and see what still exists today. So if you love local history this series is the series for you. Did you know that there was a stagecoach stop at what is today Gilman Historic Ranch and Wagon Museum? Did you know there were two different Gilman families one that was in north Banning and did the stage coach stop and the other Gilman's Relief Hot Springs,which today is a Scientology complex? This series of books, Images of America, are mostly pictures of the past from small towns across the USA. Local authors have the ability to use pictures to create time capsules for future generations to learn about their city's past. These books contain short chapters starting with the first inhabitants of that city/area. No one writer is responsible for all the books in this series. Credit is given to those who provide pictures to the author. I find these books help me to research further information of the times.

Review of "TimberRidge Trilogy" by Tamera Alexander

I read all three Timber Ridge books within a month's time. Each book within 7 days roughly. I enjoyed the adventures,the drama,the relationships between each character and how unpredictable Tamera Alexander's action is. The intertwining of the two main characters of each book with the whole cast of the book and getting the happily ever after ending together took work. I enjoyed learning of the 1860-70s time. I currently am studying local history in the 1800s-1950s in the Cherry Valley, Beaumont,Banning,and the famous Highland Springs Resort. I enjoyed learning about the characters and their inner struggles through their eyes as the author tells the story about them. The seamless changing of the scenery ere so smoothly transitioned I did not have to reread any sentences unless interrupted by my little ones. Tamera Alexander is truly a gifted writer in her craft as a storyteller and historian. I tend to get bored when an author spends 2-4 pages describing the scenery. A story should flow like real life. I was completely emerged into the life of a pioneer in a new territory in a young town as well as in the individual women that each book focuses on. There were so many things going on but everything fit nicely together. I loved all three novels and I suggest rereading these books to better get everyone's connection. Yet, it is intertwined into each story so you can read each book individually and not get lost. In this Timber Ridge series, it starts with From a Distance, Beyond this Moment, and Within My Heart.
This second book is where I started and I fell in love with the story of the town of Timber Ridge. But it wasn't just the small town life that I loved. It was the character of this book that sent me wanting to read the rest of the trilogy. Dr. Molly Whitcomb, a college professor and the new school teacher at Timber Ridge. In this book, we see the interworking of a town, how justice is held, how people felt about others different than themselves "immigrants" as well as who gets education and who is excluded. The hard realities of life out West and what drove people out West in such distant places like Colorado before it was admitted into the union. It remembers me of the TV show Little House on the Prairie. aired from 1974-1983. There are not many shows on TV about the early days from 1800s-1900 anymore.
Rachel Boyd has been through all three books, but this one focuses on her story. Widow and mother of two, young boys of 8 and 10 years old trying to save her ranch. Each book start off with action and it keeps a good pace.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Parenting Without Power Struggles, a book review

My greatest accomplishment in life was becoming a mother. The ups and downs of parenting together with the love of my life and my best friend is indescribably awesome yet quite challenging. The balance of being a good parent and communicating with your little ones can be rough at times. Yet, it is through my mistakes that I have learned my greatest lessons from my kids. But with every year new challenges arise and I have learned to use every resource I have in my parenting bag of tricks that include:tips from other moms and dads, teachers, my husband, my parents, from the internet, and books. Books especially have different approaches and they don't fit every kid or parent. So read to find a book that fits your family I say. Sometime, it doesn't hurt to learn through strangers either and that is one of the things I like about this book. The different cases in this book have been very similar to what I has been going on in my household. Having a boy first,my husband and I dealt with the challenges of eating healthy foods for my picky eater and then potty training. Most challenges were of a physical nature. With my girl, I have experienced more of a psychological challenge in defying my authority to reach her own independence. My 3 year old had an attitude of a teenager and the mouthiness to go with it. I could not believe the things she would say. " Stupid Mom", " Go to your room" to me when she was mad at me, "You are not being a good mommy," "I can do it myself" and then came the dangerous choices to run away from me at schools, parks, and this had to end. Sending her to her room did not help. Taking away toys did nothing. Timing her out in a corner. I tried these punishments for months with little success. Then, I was told about this book. I was pleasantly surprised in the approach,the mind maps, exercises in the book, and the easy to read setup of the book. Overall,this book has been life changing for me. I stop trying to teach her when she's upset which use to lead to yelling matches and slamming doors. Now, we go through a cooling down phase apart. She goes to one are and I go to another. I simply tell her I love her,but mommy needs quit time alone. I started with our relationship choosing one of the six stages of attachment : Proximity(hugging/closeness), Sameness(things in Common),Belonging/Loyalty( when you are on child's side, you got his back,coming alongside your child, Significance( looking into your child's eyes, sending a letter, sharing her importance),and Being Known ( when child speaks you listen, refraining from lecturing and offering advise). I found out that I had less in common with my daughter than my son. So I worked on changing what we did together from chores to playing Candy land, we became closer. Although, we still have much work to do. She has had less running away incidents, better communication, she takes initiative to do chores like emptying the washer and helping me with laundry . This is one book I plan to add to my personal library in a hardcover. Very helpful book. I highly recommend it to those open to change in their relationships with their kids. Changing behaviors of kids starts with work on relationships between family first.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Review of " The Lost Husband" by Katherine Center

I found this book on It has been a couple months since I used this site. But, the idea of a lost husband and the description peaked my curiosity. I admit I love farms and have visited a couple of small So Californian farms in the cities of Ontario, Oak Glen, and Cherry Valley, so I was interested in reading about a goat farm. The widow written in first person was a pleasant surprise. I loved seeing the world through Libby's eyes. I love writing in the first person when I write my stories which have only been self-published on Amazon Kindle. I haven't written in years until now. Focusing on my little ones who are now 4 and 6 years old. Reading this story spurred the writing juices inside of me to start again. So reading Katherine's 290 page book in three days was a record for me. I can't even remember reading that many pages in a long time. I have read 400 page historical novels in a weeks time staying up into the wee hours of the night. This heartwarming novel about a family that lost their father and husband is full of subtle twists. I love reading about people and how they react to life's challenges, and how they perceive other people's actions. I was totally immersed in LIbby's life on the goat farm in Atwater, Texas with her Aunt and O'Connor, the handy man, farm hand. I hate when I have to keep rereading a paragraph because I couldn't understand what the writer was saying. I love plain English. Simple language. I can appreciate Shakespeare, but I am not that type of writer or reader. So if you want, short, drama, and some action. Check out for Katherine's book. I plan to read her other books now and plan on buying The Lost Husband. I give this book 5 * * * * * stars. I even Facebooked the author to let her know I have reviewed it on Goodreads and shared it on Facebook. So enjoy. You could also try it out at your local library like I do. I only buy those I really, really love.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review of Nora Roberts trilogy " Dark Witch" and " Shadow Spell" Part 1

The trilogy of the Cousins O'Dwyer takes place in Ireland both in the present and centuries ago. As two worlds collide between the descendents of the Dark Witch of Mayo County and the evil,power hungry sorcecer, Cabhan. A new generation of Dark Witch descendents emerge: two from Ireland in a small village not far from Mayo and one cousin from America in search of a fresh start. Branna and Connor O'Dwyer welcome their American born cousin, Iona with open arms. Not long after Iona's arrival does the power of three, Cabhan has started to watch then and those close to them. Fin, Boyle, and Meara are soon entangled in the adventures of the O'Dwyers and Iona. Powers and secrets unravel as we find not only the descendents of the Dark Witch who used her power to heal,but the descendent of Cabhan. Nora Roberts fully immerses you into this world and I cannot put the book down at times. From the descriptions of the land, the Castle where the tourists and Iona stayed in book 1. We meet cousin Connor,who gives tourist guides with falcons through the woods. The stables where his friends Fin and Boyle are partners in running the horseback guides through the woods with Meara as their lead and some others, who work at the stables,but have no real parts. They offer both horseback lessons and guided tours on horseback which sometimes they combine with falcon walk. I was fascinated at the level of detail of the falconary business. It was my first in depth book of horses and falcons.I really learned the terminology of both activities. The only thing I do not see as strong as in other fictional books, I have read are the accents. I do not sense the strong Irish accents as I have. In the series, Bells of Lowells, by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller. I could read the strong accents, but it was told in a different time period, so I am wondering if that is why. All in all, I am definitely adding this trilogy to my library at home. I plan to read it again and again. Starting with Dark Witch, Shadow Spell,and Blood Magick, this trilogy delivers drama, sci fi, and romance. The third book, Blood Magick comes out this October 28, 2014. So I have a little bit of waiting unless I want to pre-order it.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why do I Eat?

Such a stupid question, but it got me thinking and you reading. We eat for several reasons since we are no longer hunter-gathers moving along with our game and seasonal foods. We have grocery stores who get their foods from far away places like Ecuador or Mexico. Here is one source of my Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson. We eat now for comfort aka "comfort foods" when we are emotional, as rewards for doing our job, and when we are bored in front of the TV. I am guilty of eating in front of the TV. I like to eat new healthy foods by themselves. Do get grossed out. I eat grape tomatoes by themselves like some people eat chips. I like goji berries dried. I eat the sushi seaweed wrap by itself. I will cut grapefruit and eat it all by itself. Why do I eat? I eat to nourish my body with phytonutrients that help me. Reading this book so far, I have realized you could be eating these foods but not getting the nutritional benefits. Don't boil unless you are making a soup. Most food that you want to cook should be steamed,but don't take my word for it. Read on .....go to and check this book out. But first, you should think about why you eat? Are you sick all the time? What effect does food really have on the body? Why would you change your foods and how you eat?